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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

                   2 weeks post-op!

Sorry I have been missing in action for a few days.  I am completely computer illiterate when it comes to troubleshooting and I was unable to log in to post anything.  I had to wait until DH had a few moments to take a look and help me figure it out.  Turns out I wasn't the only blogger here at BlogSpot with the problem and there was a fix posted and now I am up and running again.

Today was a bit of a milestone for me.  I had my 2 week post-op appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Joshua Long.  First, of course, I went through the usual stuff, blood pressure check, weigh in, etc.  It is a funny feeling to be anxious to get on the scale at the doctor's office, well, actually it is a funny feeling to want to get on a scale anywhere, anytime, lol!  But that was my feeling.  Then lo and behold I am 11 pounds down from the surgery 2 weeks ago.  Added to what I lost by making the recommended changes in my life (see the first blog entry for what those were) I am down 33 pounds in the last 4 months.  My hubby suddenly stopped in his tracks tonight and stared at me and then said, "Wow, I can really see in your face that you have lost weight!"  Okay, thanks honey, but why is it always just in the face at first?  I mean, 33 pounds is a lot of sticks of butter, 132 of them to be exact.  Why couldn't he (or anyone) have said, "Wow, your butt looks better!"  or "Wow, those hips are really shrinking!" But no, it is always the face!  Now I don't believe I have lost 33 pounds in my face, lol, but I guess since you are still wearing the same clothes and though they are starting to be big on you, in some ways because of that you kind of look the same to people.

The doc removed all my steri-strips from the incisions, counting where the drain was located there are a total of 5 incisions.  He said they looked great and I wasn't going to have much in the way of scars after a few months.  Everything looks great and he gave me my operative report.  It is a play by play report of exactly everything they did during surgery.  I haven't gotten around to reading the whole thing.  It is 5 pages long so I will put it right by my Kindle and when I go to bed I will let my brain fight over whether I want to read that or the nice murder mystery I am currently reading, lol!  He told me that something had looked a little off in my stomach so he did a biopsy and I am happy to report it came back just fine

Another issue I am dealing with is the diabetes.  Now when I say it is an issue it is because I am not sure what has happened.  Lots of people get totally off of their insulin and/or medications after bypass surgery.  The doc told me that I might not see that result because I have been diabetic for so long, however, I told him that I always plan for the best.  Before starting this journey I was on 88 units of insulin (44 twice daily) 4-500 mg Metformin, 1.8 units of Victoza and 2 glimepiride tablets.  I went off the Metformin a few days before surgery and have not taken any since.  I had worked down to 20 units of insulin twice a day before surgery and now I have only given myself 10 units, 2 different times.  Most days I am only taking 1 glimepiride or sometimes a half of one.  So bottom line is that the diabetes seems to be resolving.  I may have a different experience once I start eating a more regular diet but for now I am pumped!!

And that brings me to one more thing before I stop for today.  Yesterday I moved from the liquid diet to the pureed diet.  I was so excited to add a few new things to the mix.  I started out the morning with some cottage cheese pureed with a little unflavored Unjury protein powder.  It tasted okay but I was kind of like, "Bleh."  Then later I had some refried beans pureed in the food processor, again they were okay but nothing to write home about.  For dinner I had some white albacore tuna pureed with some chicken broth and once again it was just okay.  Perhaps I set myself up getting so excited about different food, perhaps my taste buds have changed as so many people say they do.  Who knows?  The bottom line at this point anyway is to gradually see how your new little pouch  handles different things and that is what you really want to focus on.  Elisabeth Bailey, who is the counselor on my posse (I just decided today that that is what I am calling all the wonderful staff at my surgeon's office) kept telling us over and over that we need to take care of, even baby our new little pouch because we don't want to stretch it out too much or too soon.  So that is what I am going to do!