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Saturday, December 7, 2013

     Time flies when you're having fun!

I really intend to post more than I have been.  Here's what is happening and has been keeping me from posting more.  For the last 3 years or so due to a surgery that didn't go as well as hoped, my diabetes being out of control, fibromyalgia kicking my butt and a couple other things I got to the point where I wasn't even leaving the second floor of my house.  I had been working from home before my hip replacement (2 years ago today!) and since my dinner breaks were so short, the family would bring me a meal at the designated time.  As my health declined it gradually became all of my meals.  I was becoming an invalid and it wasn't pretty.  Well, now that things are changing so rapidly I am becoming the cook in the family again.  Yesterday I took the 1/2 of a 14 pound turkey that we had left and cubed up all the white meat and made a healthy Turkey Waldorf Salad with celery, green onion, grapes, apples and plain Greek yogurt.  It was awesome and the family loved it.  Then I cut all the dark meat into cubes and put it in the freezer.  Then the bones (and a lot of meat) went into my stock pot with onions, carrots and celery.  Today I finished up and made a big pot of turkey soup!  Just 3 short months ago I could literally not stand for more than about 2 minutes due to lumbar stenosis.
My back is screaming at me now but I feel so good about starting to get my life back and you can imagine how happy my family is that mom is back in the kitchen, lol!

I can't recall the last time I posted my weight but it is now 181.  That is 64 pounds down.  I can recall vividly how excited I was to get out of the 200's and now I can see the 170's!  From a size 22 to a 16 and can almost squeeze into a 14.  It almost doesn't seem real at times.  I am go grateful that this surgery has worked so well for me and I am committed to making real, permanent changes in my eating habits and unless family members want to start doing the cooking again, they are along for the ride too! DH has lost about 22 pounds since I began this journey and I believe my daughter has lost a little bit too!  Bipolar son does not have a weight problem but has the worst diet in the world.  Mostly eats junk and fast food and tons of coffee and soft drinks.  If I can get a little healthy food in him it will be a good thing.  Last night he ate a bowl of my waldorf salad after adding a ton of mayonnaise to his and he did the same for lunch today but at least he got some lean turkey, grapes and apples into his system!

I will try to post more often.  I am truly grateful to the people who come in here and read this blog.  I know who some of you are but there are a lot I don't know.  Thank you for taking some time from your busy day to read my ramblings!