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Sunday, March 9, 2014

           No, I haven't disappeared, lol!

Hello, everyone!  Some of you have asked me if I quit my blog.  No, of course not, this blog means a lot to me and I wouldn't just quit with no notice.  It has just been a very crazy time of ups and downs which made me not even want to talk about anything much for a while.

So very much has happened and I will try to fill you in chronologically.  On 1/27 my youngest was broadsided driving my husband's car.  We have been really blessed in many ways by this accident.  Corey was okay, a little sore for about a week but seems to have no lasting injuries.  The teenager who hit him was well insured.  We had a nice rental car for about 3 weeks while it all got sorted out.  They totaled our car and the check from the insurance company paid for a "new" car for Steve.  He had a 2004 Toyota Solara and it was starting to have some issues.  He now has a 2004 Toyota Avalon, slightly larger and in beautiful condition.  We ended up about $300 out of pocket but now have a nicer, larger car. 

Remember the female issues, biopsy, etc.?  Well, as a result of that I had a complete hysterectomy on 2/26.  That was only a week and a half ago and already seems like an eon.  I had what is called the DaVinci procedure.  No, Leonardo did not do my surgery but my surgeon, Dr. Mary Jo Schmitz performed it using a robot!  Let me introduce you to my friend, Leonardo, lol!

The surgery went really well and I spent less than 24 hours in the hospital afterward.  Amazing where modern medicine has gone.  My mother had a complete hysterectomy in 1969 and spent about a week or so in the hospital.  I was glad to be able to do my recuperating at home.  I feel pretty much back to normal except maybe on the energy front but that will come.
On the weight loss front things have gone pretty well.  The nurses told me not to weigh myself for at least a week after surgery, that I could be up as much as 10 pounds.  Of course, I did not listen and was on the scale Friday morning the day after coming home.  Yep, I was up 8 pounds and kept thinking, "How could that even be possible?  They removed several of my "parts", I didn't eat anything for 2 days and almost nothing for 2 more."  Let this be a lesson to all of us.  The human body reacts to any kind of trauma.  Weight gain is not fat gain.  Fluid retention can be many pounds and you don't have to have done anything that would seem to cause it.  By the end of the next week all of that 8 pounds was gone and I am moving forward to my goal.  I am currently 162 pounds, down a total of 83!  Woo hoo!  I am 17 pounds from the goal I have set for myself and I do know from past experience and from everything I read that this 17 pounds will take a lot longer than the rest has coming off.  That is okay.  I am a different person than I was a year ago.  It is about 10 months since I first sat in my surgeon's office and began this journey.  I tend to be really anal about doing things right.  A little OCD, I guess.  I have always been Miss Perfect when it comes to dieting.  That is why I was able to lose 60 or more pounds 3 other times in my life.  But I always reverted back to my unhealthy eating choices in the past.  This time has to be different.  I am under no illusions that it is going to be easy.  This surgery did not make tempting food go away from my world, my family has cookies, candy, chips, etc. all over the place and so far I haven't been tempted but that will change after I reach my goal, therefore, I have to figure out some new goals and new strategies to keep myself healthy. 
I have committee to reading wls blogs, to getting involved in some things to help keep me focused and supported online, to going to the support group meetings my surgeon's staff hold monthly.  One of the things I just started is called the Living After WLS Project 2014.  I have been receiving the email newsletter from this site for a while and when I got an email about this project I jumped in with both feet.  I am a firm believer that you need help and support to keep this weight off more than you did to lose it.  Here is the link to the website and if you subscribe to the newsletter then you will be able to see the info on the Project 2014.  I highly recommend it.
Keep yourself motivated and informed by reading lots of weight loss blogs.  You will soon settle on some that are your favorites and they will help you stay on track.  Take advantage of all the information that is out there about bariatric surgery and eating after bariatric surgery.  Lots of the things available would be helpful to someone who has lost weight through other means also. 
Here's to just keeping on the journey to being healthy one day at a time!!