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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Diabetes...really one of the worst diseases out there.  Why is it so bad?  Well, let's causes heart problems, it can cause blindness, it can cause you to lose limbs, usually legs, it can shut down your kidneys, it causes neuropathy in your feet and elsewhere.  And that is just some of the complications.  Now diabetes is not just a disease of the obese, I know lots of obese folks who do not have diabetes (yet) but if you have a genetic tendency to high blood sugars and you become obese you are at a much higher risk.  I was diagnosed with diabetes about 17 years ago.  Over the years since that diagnosis my blood sugars and therefore my blood tests around the diabetes have grown progressively worse.  At the time I first went to see my surgeon, Dr. Joshua Long, I was on Metformin, taking four 500mg. tablets per day, I was on glimepiride, taking two 4mg tablets a day, I was on Victoza, taking an injection of 1.8 units daily and I was injecting 44 units of insulin twice a day.  I have read that many diabetics are able to go off their meds with some of them never taking anymore once they leave the hospital.  My doctor told me that surely my diabetes would improve but because I have had it for so long odds weren't real good that I would be one of those people.  Well, boys and girls, I am here to tell you that as of 2 days ago I am off all of the above mentioned medications. !! Yes, that's right, all of them!  My blood sugars, which used to run as high as nearly 500 are now stable at 80 - 120 most of the time.  My endocrinologist said even if I have an occasional blood sugar as high as 160, not to worry because as more of my weight comes off those should be a thing of the past.  All I can say is...Woo hoo!!  For those of you reading this who suffer from diabetes, there is hope! 

On a lighter note, I am getting into trouble as far as having any clothes to wear.  I have long since given away anything any smaller than a size 20 pants or a 2x top and those are getting really baggy.  I can take all of my size 20 jeans off without unbuttoning them.  So my dear, sweet niece told me she had a bunch of clothes she would bring over that she can no longer wear due to her weight gain. I was so excited.  Day before yesterday, her dad, my brother, brought them by.  I spent a couple hours going through 4 large bins of clothes.  The 1st bin contained all size 10's, the 2nd bin all size 12's and the other 2 bins contain a bit of both of those sizes and some large sizes.  Well, as much as I wish that those would fit me now, we all know you don't go right from a 20 to a 10, there has to be all those in-between sizes first so as cute as many of those clothes are I will have to wait.  And to add to the humor I have to tell you...Okay, when it comes to boobs the good Lord just did not bless me with much and no matter how much weight I gain it does not go to my chest.  I have a B-cup and I just go from a 36-B to a 38-B to a 40-B, etc., as I need more to go around under the bust.  My niece had about 5 bras in the bins that are too small for her now.  I had to look.  They are 40-DD's.  My hubby can only dream, lol! 

Down to 206 today, which means 1 more pound and I will have lost 40!  I can see those 100's coming!  I have seen on a lot of blogs where they call it "Onederland"  I am so excited and have to come up with a non-food way to celebrate! 

Thanks for listening again today, my friends, see ya' soon!