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Thursday, August 22, 2013

                                  Moving Right Along!

So today was kind of a big day.  First I went to the hospital for blood work and to get registered for my surgery.  That took an hour and 15 minutes.  Then I went to my surgeons office for my pre-op meeting with him.  Now first off I have to say that my surgeon, Dr. Joshua Long and all of his staff are just so incredibly awesome.  When I began this journey back in April I had no clue what a Center of Excellence was but I have to say, now that I've done so much research and truly understand what this means, The Bariatric and Metabolic Center of Colorado in Parker meets and exceeds everything I have read that you want to have in a doctor's office when you start down this path.  And even though I am a 63 y/o grandmother I will say that it does not hurt when your surgeon is really easy on the eyes either, lol!

Dr. Long really took his time with me and went over everything I can expect to happen the day of surgery.  He filled me in on every possible complication that could possibly happen.  I am a bit of a higher risk than most patients due to several co-morbidities and while we do not expect any bad things to happen, I really appreciated that he took the time to explain what each thing was and what could cause it to happen.  Because of my issues he told me I will go home with a drain for 2 weeks.  The goal of the drain is to help the insides heal well.

We went over each and every one of my meds and which ones I needed to stop now and which ones I should continue until the day of surgery.  I discovered that one of the meds I am on for arthritis pain, Celebrex, is one that I will have to discontinue as it is not good for a bypass patient.  It helps a lot with the pain so I am just praying big time now that getting 100 lbs off my joints will stop most of the pain! And because I am on blood thinners I will have to stop them and bridge the time til surgery and a few days after with a drug called Lovenox.  It is injected in the stomach twice a day.  I have had to do this before for other surgeries so it is no big deal to me.  Plus, since I am diabetic I am used to injecting myself.

Today is also my 3rd day on the liquid diet.  I'm really not experiencing hunger, just that urge to want to eat because it is what  we do, right?  I am supposed to get 5 shakes in each day and I am finding myself surprised that I am having trouble doing that!  Who knew I would ever have trouble getting any kind of food or drink in??!!  Today, because I got a late start due to the appointments and had to be fasting for my blood work, I am really struggling.  It was nearly 1pm before I got home from the doctor's and I have only gotten 2 shakes in so far and it is after 5pm!  I have a feeling I may only get 4 in today.

Oh, and I also took my measurements today!  I sure wish I had thought to take them before I lost 22lbs but better late than never, right?  I am going be brave and post them here.

Neck - 17 inches
Upper Arm - 17 inches  How can my neck and my arm be the same size?!
Upper Chest - 44
Across Breasts - 47
Waist - 44
Hips - 50
Thigh - 27
Directly above Knee - 19
Calf - 17
Ankle - 11

I know, it does not give you a visual of a very pretty sight but it is what it is and if I am going to be any help to anyone who has had this kind of surgery or who is contemplating it then I must be honest.  And so there you have it, friends :)

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