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Saturday, September 14, 2013

                    Day 18 Post-Op

Well, we are still drowning here in Colorado!  It was sunny for a while this morning and then suddenly it got cloudy, tornado sirens started going off, it began to rain really hard then it began to hail also.  Our street quickly became a river up over the curbs.  I keep expecting cars to start moving from the deep water!

Anyway, onto matters at hand.  I am having a lot of pain in my abdomen, just a couple inches above where the drain was.  It is a little swollen in that area and I have no clue what the problem is.  Yesterday, and last night, I actually took pain medication again and I hadn't done that since Sunday, 5 days before!  I guess if it doesn't resolve by Monday I will have to break down and call the doc.  I just won't do it on the weekend unless I think I might be dying.  My DH gets so upset with me, lol!

Still moving along with the pureed diet. I am finding it almost harder than the liquid diet because I have a few choices and it is making me think more about "real food" and by that I mean food that has some substance to it.  I like tuna, I like canned chicken, but I like the chunks not this slurry that I have to turn it into! The flavor is fine, for example, I had some white meat canned chicken and I added a couple Tbs. of cottage cheese to it and a healthy amount of Mrs. Dash seasoning, not too bad!  But after reading a blog I love titled and looking at her post about her days of pureed foods, I sent DH to the store for some corned beef hash.  Now once I pureed it, it looked almost the same as my refried beans but gosh it tasted good!  I have never been much of a fan of hash but for right now it is the best thing I have tasted on this leg of the journey.  Woo hoo!!

Well, I guess that is all that is new or different for today.  My weight wasn't down any today but I am not worried.  Not to get too graphic but I was always very regular with bms.  I went every morning like clockwork and now all of that has changed.  It looks like every 3-4 days is the norm for now and it's been 3.  Hard to lose much weight when you are putting stuff in but not getting anything out.  Tomorrow will be the day, I am sure of it, lol!

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