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Friday, November 22, 2013

                   A Red Letter Day!

a memorably important or happy occasion.  I had to look it up to see exactly what it meant to make sure it fit what I am feeling and I believe it does so this is a red-letter day.

It has been a really great day!  First off, when I got on the scale this morning the dreaded plateau or stall had finally ended.  I was down 3 pounds or so.  I am at 185 even and that is exactly 60 pounds lost.  Yay, me! 

On Wednesday I had my 3 month follow up appointment at the bariatric center and I got to see everyone!  I didn't realize that I would see them all and since I love them all to death it was great.  First Dr. Long stuck his head in Erica my nut's office, (nut,short for nutritionist).  He jokingly said, "I understand there is a patient here today that nobody even recognizes anymore!"  He is such a dear man and chatted with me for a few minutes.  Then I spent time with Erica going over what I am doing, looking at my blood work (which was great except a little high for B12)!  Then I met with Kristie, Dr. Long's PA and went over vitals, talked more about blood work and just had an all around great visit.  Then I met with Elisabeth, the counselor, and we talked about how I am doing mentally with all the changes and she just kept on and on about how great I am doing!  Then she asked me if I would be willing to speak at the class they hold each month for the people who are looking into bariatric surgery or are on their journey with the insurance companies to get approved.  I went to classes for 3 months but many, if not most, people have to attend 6 months worth of these classes.  I told her I would love to and so I did that this morning.  I have to say it was great, at least for me.  I really want to be a help and a support to other travelers on this journey to health.  I just basically told them a little about me and how poor my health was and then some of the pros and cons of having this surgery as I see it now at 3 months out.  They were very kind to me and even gave me some applause.  No one looked too incredibly bored and I got a few questions.  I stuck around after the class was over and a few people stayed around to talk to me.  I gave them all this blog address and I do hope some of them will visit. 

I will officially be at 3 months post-op on November 27th.  A part of me feels like it has been much longer since so much has changed but another part of me says, "Wow!  It has only been 3 months!!"  That really isn't a long time.

Another thing that made today great was I tried something new for my lunch.  I have kind of been in a rut with either tuna, or my made up chili or a black bean burger.  I took a Mission Low-carb tortilla (the small one) spread 2 T. vegetarian refried beans on it and put it in the oven on a Pam sprayed cookie sheet at 400.  While it warmed up I cooked a link of turkey sausage, chopped some red onion and some yellow bell pepper and a mini babybel light cheese wedge.  I pulled my tortilla out and put all of that on top, chopping the sausage first.  Then back in the oven for a few minutes while the cheese melted.  I added a couple teaspoons of salsa to the top and voila!  Mexican Pizza!  It was really good and a nice change.  I seem to want everything spicy and my little pouch doesn't seem to mind at all, lol!

Hope you all have a super weekend.  It is really cold here in Colorado and I am hoping it will warm up! It snowed Wed. night and yesterday and now it is just freezing!

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