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Sunday, November 3, 2013

                    Time Flies

Where does the time go?  I mean to post at least every couple of days but time just gets away!

Interesting week with Halloween in it, lol!  I have seen so many people post how hard staying away from all the candy has been for them.  I was with my grandkids for Halloween and while everyone ate pizza, Caesar salad and chips and dip, I had some white meat chicken, some grape tomatoes and a low-fat string cheese.  The only thing that looked a little tempting was the chips and dip but not so much that I would have some.  Then while the mom's took the kids out trick or treating, the other grandma and I did what has become a tradition for about the last 12 years.  We sat behind a long table in the driveway with 2 big buckets of candy, our big pump thermoses full of hot chocolate, and a bucket full of mini marshmallows.  The kids love it and the adults love it!  We had the hot chocolate right at drinking temperature and it was so cold that almost no one turned down a cup.  The hot chocolate didn't tempt me, the marshmallows didn't tempt me and the candy didn't tempt me.  I am sure it is because I am still pretty much a newbie at 10 -11 weeks out from surgery and next year may be very different but for now the idea of dumping syndrome, getting back into sugar or weight gain are not on my agenda!!

Now I do have to admit to more hunger this last week or so.  I am eating very healthy, mostly turkey, chicken and fish for protein, edamame, grape tomatoes (love) cottage cheese, beans, and still some protein shakes.  I have gotten bad at eating too quickly and maybe not chewing as well as I need to and I have paid the piper.  Twice I have gotten food stuck and it caused me to have to throw it up and a good case of the dreaded "foamies".  In case you don't know what that is I will copy and paste a description here from the web.  "When you get food stuck (either from not chewing well enough or from eating something that's too dry) -- your body reacts by trying to slide the food through your pouch with extra lubrication. That lubrication is saliva.  But since the food is stuck, the saliva can't go down -- and it ends up pooling in your mouth instead. So just grab a tissue and spit (as lady-like as possible).   Sometimes when you vomit from stuck-food, you won't actually get the food but just a bunch of saliva that's all foamy looking. "
Mindful eating is essential for us and what I did was mindless eating, it doesn't work and it is one of the things that made me obese to begin with.

How's my weight doing you ask?  I was 191.4 this morning.  That is only 3 more pounds in a week and a half but hey who's counting, lol!  Seriously, it isn't super fast but hey I did pray it wouldn't be, didn't I?  I am losing lots of inches and am going to have to head over to my fancy boutique (thrift store) soon for a smaller size pants.  These 18's are starting to hang pretty loose on me.  It is crazy but I am a little sad because the 2 pair of jeans that I bought are really nice ones.  I hope I can find some cute ones in a 16 or I wonder if I should try to squeeze into a 14 so they will last me longer?  Nah, I doubt I could do that just yet and I don't want to be uncomfortable. 

I hope all of you are doing really great and any journey you are on is moving along.  It won't always be a smooth road but it is your road and you need to enjoy travelling down it as much as possible. 

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