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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

             Happy Belated New Year!

Well, at least I am consistent, I wished everyone a belated Merry Christmas and now I am late blogging to wish you a Happy new year. The really cool thing is; I am not going to beat myself up over it.  I have spent way too many years beating myself up for not doing things perfectly and that is one of my gifts to myself.  It is okay not to be perfect!

Since it is a new year many people are setting goals or making resolutions.  Last year I set a resolution to read through my bible chronologically and yes, I did it!  First time ever!  So that proves you aren't too old to do new things.  Anyway, I digress.  I have been subscribing to a video blog called "Clean and Delicious" with Dani Spies.  She mostly does healthy recipe videos but today she did a very good, very timely one on goal setting that I would like to share with you. 
I have never been very good with goal setting, I never understood why but just chalked it up to issues I have with ADD or focus or concentration, whatever you want to call it.  This video gave me some real insight into goal setting that I had never considered, maybe it will help you, too!

You are probably wondering how the eating and the weight is going since that is the reason I started this blog and for many of you the reason you began to read it.  I am at a crossroads of sorts with my eating.  I feel like I have been eating too much and that I am going to stretch out my pouch.  I was always a big eater and had a voracious appetite, in my mind.  I am still losing weight and I am still eating very healthy food but sometimes I go ahead and finish what I made even when I know I am full.  I think it is from so many years of being a premiere member of the "Clean your plate" club and the champion of not being wasteful.  However, I am learning to believe that it is just as wasteful to put the excess in me as it is to throw it in the garbage so why have I been overeating the last week or so.  Could it be because I was so "perfect" through the holidays that I am subconsciously rewarding myself?  I think that is a possibility and therefore, I have to look it in the face and stop!  I will keep you updated on my progress.

My weight this morning was 172.6. That is a total of 72.4 pounds down so I am happy.  I am going to have to make a trip over to my thrift store because my size 16 jeans are only fitting the first time I put them on out of the dryer, lol!  They are getting pretty baggy and I only have one pair of size 14's and they are kind of dressy.  My niece gave me a bunch of clothes but there are almost no pants except capris and the weather just isn't right for those yet!

A good friend of my youngest son's came by last Friday.  She had wls a few years ago before I knew her and she lost over 100 pounds.  She knew I had the surgery but hadn't seen me since she has been living in AZ.  They were just getting out of the car in my driveway when I pulled up.  When I got out of my car and gave her a hug all she kept saying was, "Holy s**t, holy s**t!"  My son, who knows how I feel about most 4-letter words said, "Tammy, watch your language!"  She said, "I am sorry but it is plainly a holy s**t moment!"  I couldn't help but laugh at her and she kept it up the whole evening and she gave me an adorable striped Billa Bong hoodie and it fits! **tears running down my face** It's the little things, people!

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  1. are you making sure your food choices are high in protein? a lot of times you can eat less and get more satisfied with higher dense choices such as protein :D Remember you can always make an appt with your dietitian too to help with that!

    and yes -- sometimes phrases like 'holy sh*t' is about the only way you can express yourself -- a combo of surprise, delight, joy, and love! Because hot d*mn you are looking great! :D