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Friday, January 17, 2014

                    What's New?

Okay so I am probably the most inconsistent blogger in the blogosphere but here I am only 10 days since my last post. 

I have been a little bummed, worrying about my health.  If you will remember my post about the issues going on with the cyst on my ovary.  On the 10th I had a biopsy and at that appointment discovered there were 3 different things on the ultrasound.  The septated cyst that I was so concerned about was not the cancer specialists biggest concern.  I have a polypoid mass in the uterus and that is what she biopsied as well as doing a long overdue pap test.  Let me tell you, that little biopsy hurt like the dickens!  She cut out a good sized chunk of me, lol!  The 10th was a Friday and the doc told me she would call me on Monday but if I didn't hear from her to call the office on Tuesday.  So, of course, I did not hear from her on Monday so Tuesday I waited til just before noon and then called whereupon I was told that since they did a pap in addition to the biopsy it was sent to a different lab and it would take longer.  Late on Wednesday the doctor called me and let me know that everything was benign, no cancer!!  Hallelujah, I was thanking and praising the Lord and thanking all the people who were praying for me!  It looks like I will probably be having a hysterectomy but hey, that means there is no chance of ovarian cancer, no chance of uterine cancer and no chance of endometrial cancer, all of which they were concerned about.  I figure I am really not using any of those parts anymore so I won't miss them and as a bonus I will just about bet they will net me a couple of pounds lost, LOL!!

I am not sure if any of you recall but I posted my measurements back in Aug.  Then I took them again in Oct. but I don't find that I posted them and then I took them today so I will do a comparison here.

Aug. 22 after 22 lbs. already lost:          Oct. 26                                     Jan. 17
Neck - 17                                                   15                                            14 1/2
Upper arm - 17                                          15                                            14 1/2                             
Upper chest - 44                                        40 1/2                                      37 1/2
Chest - 47                                                  43 1/2                                      40 1/2
Waist - 44                                                  40 1/2                                      35
Hips - 50                                                    45                                            40
Thigh - 27                                                  23                                            21
Knee - 19                                                   17 1/2                                      16 1/2 
Calf - 17                                                     14                                            14
Ankle - 11                                                  10 1/2                                      10

I sure wish I had taken them the day I first met with Dr. Long, before I had lost any weight but it is still amazing to contemplate.  I have lost 10 inches off my hips, 9 inches off my waist and 6 and a half inches off my bust.  To me, my measurements still seem pretty big but I think it is from growing up hearing people talk about having 22 inch waists.  Or watching "Gone With the Wind" and hearing Scarlet talk about her 18 inch waist.  Well, I'm here to tell you nothing close to those waistlines is ever gonna happen here but I am happy with my health and the great changes taking place.  I went to dinner last night with my good friend, Mags, before our weight loss support meeting and when she saw me and hugged me she just kept telling me I was "teeny tiny".  No one has ever used those words to me in my life and it felt so good!  Mags is about 3 months behind me in this journey, having had her bypass in November so it is fun to be her inspiration as she moves along.

The weight is at a little bit of a stall again.  I have been fluctuating between 170.6 and 172.6 for a couple of weeks.  My wedding anniversary is January 31st so my goal is to be in the 160's by that date.  Even if it is 169.8 it will count!  I remember when I was so excited to get out of the 200's!  In some ways that seems so long ago and in others it seems like yesterday.  So much has changed it is hard to believe it has only been 4 1/2 months since surgery.

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